The municipality of Roxas is located in the central part of Mallig Plains. It is bounded on the North by the town of Mallig, on the Northeast by Quirino, on the Southeast by San Manuel and on the West by Cordillera Region.  It is about forty (40) kilometers away from the town of Ilagan, the capital town of the province.  Roxas belongs to the Second Congressional District of Isabela with twenty-six (26) barangays and is classified as a first (1st) class municipality.

The municipality is almost plain except the western and northwestern parts, which are hilly and slightly mountainous.   Roxas occupies a total land area of 18,480 hectares with an urban land area of 506.275 hectares and the remaining 17,973.725 hectares is classified as rural area. Of the total land area, about 65.06% is devoted for agriculture.  As shown in Table 1, only 0.016% is devoted for industrial activities, 0.040% for commercial endeavors, 2.551% is being utilized for residential, about 0.142% for government land, 0.012% for religious land, 0.241% for educational land and about 31.938% is used for other purposes.

1. AnaoRural
2. Bantug (Poblacion)Urban
3. Doña ConchaRural
4. ImbiaoRural
5. LantingRural
6. LucbanRural
7. Luna (Poblacion)Rural
8. MarcosRural
9. MasigunRural
10. MatusalemRural
11. Muñoz EastRural
12. Muñoz WestRural
13. QuilingRural
14. Rang-ayanRural
15. Rizal (Poblacion)Urban
16. San AntonioRural
17. San JoseRural
18. San LuisRural
19. San PedroRural
20. San PlacidoRural
21. San RafaelRural
22. SimimbaanRural
23. SinamarRural
24. Sotero NuesaUrban
25. Villa ConcepcionRural
26. Vira (Poblacion)Urban