The seal, a symbolic devise in the form of circle which symbolizes cohesive interactions of the town’s people.  United as one group professing common tie and pursuing a common goal.  This circular figure is circumscribed by a gear like figure in bright green with black shadings which symbolizes the twenty-six (26) barangays and the unprecedented economic advancement of the municipality; a vital factor in the attainment of its economic status as the trading center of the Mallig Plains/Region.

Inscribed on the upper half of the narrow space formed by the outer and the inner circles in red are words “BAYAN NG ROXAS” punctuated by a period on the left and other period on the right; and the lower portion of the narrow space are inscribed the words “LALAWIGAN NG ISABELA” all in words red, this narrow space has a green as background.

Inscribed in the smaller circle is the shield derived from the provincial seal of Isabela, where the municipality is located and in the middle of the shield is a bold letter “R” in white with black shadings for Roxas, the name of the municipality.  Other inscriptions are on the upper most portions and on halfway below represents the irrigation canal, which are represented by a bold wave lines in sky blue.  On the left side of the bold letter “R”  is rice plant and on the right is a tobacco plant bold in green, the primary product of the municipality; and on the lower portion, a Vira plant in green after which the former barrio of the municipality of Gamu, now “ROXAS”  got its name.