1. Agriculture                                                               

The ultimate objective of this sector is the promotion of rural productive employment and the enhancement of farm household income that will necessarily reduce income distribution inequalities. Adaption of new Agri-Technologies are also considered.

2. Industry

         The development and growth of the industrial sector, particularly cottage and small-scale industries is the primal objective of this sector.

3. Commerce

The development objectives of this sector will be geared towards greater job opportunities, better income for those employed and greater service efficiency.  Specifically the objectives are:

•       To provide financial and technical assistance to potential entrepreneurs.

•       Create big investment to encourage more investors

4. Housing 

The objective of this sector is to provide the population with decent and comfortable dwellings.               

5. Education

Aware of the changes expected to occur in the economic setting, education can effectively function in hastening the pace of development of Roxas through the attainment of the following;

•       Accommodation of the population belonging to school-going age bracket.

•       To provide adequate and better school facilities.

•       To provide an adequate number of textbooks in all subjects

•       Construction of school buildings

•       Construction of shop and home economics building

•       Construction of Sports facilities of sports equipment

6. Health

This sector aims for the general improvement in health and nutritional status of the population and the maintenance of population level conducive to the development of the municipality.

7. Social Welfare

To meet the challenges, this sector aims for the attainment of the following objectives:

•       Acceleration in the social and economic development of the disadvantaged segment of society particularly in rural areas.

•       Extension of maximum support to the objectives of social sectors like health, nutrition and family planning, education and housing and the economic sector.

•       Supervision and follow-up of the progress of the activities of the welfare program recipients.

8. Sports and Recreation

•       To provide adequate sports and recreation facilities and equipment;

•       To conduct regular physical fitness program and sports competition;

•       To acquire good and adequate sports and recreational equipment and facilities which are essential in the development of the social, mental, and physical well-being of the population;

•       To build-up good citizens by providing a wholesome environment and recreational facilities; and

•       To conduct an annual physical fitness program and athletic competition in the municipality.

9. Protective Services

•       To increase the number of policemen to meet the minimum requirement of the current and projected population;

•       To acquire additional equipment and facilities for the protective service sector;

•       To upgrade the capacity of the local PNP Forces to greater efficiency in discharging their functions;

•       To promote awareness of the community residents on the Fire Prevention techniques/measures;

•       To encourage maximum participation of barangays in crime prevention in the community;

•       To provide adequate firefighting facilities in the community and

•       Organize additional PO task force          

10. Power

The ultimate objective of this sector is to provide adequate and dependable power supply to all types of consumers in the whole municipality, in support of industrial growth and social development that will enhance and promote a fuller and more progressive life for all the residents therein.  Specifically, the objectives are:

•       Provision of dependable bulk of power supply at attractive rates; and

•       Provision of less burdensome installation rates among low-income households in the urban and rural barangays.

11.  Water

•       To provide for additional sources of potable water supply for the community;

•       To expand the coverage of Level III Waterworks System and households in the urban core and nearby barangays; and

•       To improve the source of irrigation water in order to supply enough volume of water in irrigable areas.